Thursday, August 17, 2006


I am in the process of moving to my new apartment... The renovation is nearly finished and the excitement levels are high!!!
Anyhow the apartment is in a south-east neighborhood of TA. It is what we refer to as a working class neighborhood. The nice thing about this neig. Is that its not fancy and the people are very warm and welcoming. And the even nicer aspect of it is the variation of ethnic groups and hence a variety of food. So on Friday a good friend of mine and me went to clean up the place. It was very very hot anf humid and we were longing for something cold to drink.
My friend offered to buy an ice coffee in one of the big coffee-shops. I, on the other hand, insisted on buying the neighborhood's local Persian drink called FALUDA.
So what is Faluda
Basically its a Persian crushed ice drink (looks like "slush puppie" drink). It consists of crushed ice, rose water or "ma zahar" ( citrus balm water) and cooked rice noodles. The texture in the mouth is marvelous and its the ultimate thirst-quenching drink for a hot summer day.
Faluda DIY
What you need:
1 Liter Water
1 Kg. Sugar
1/2 package (about 50 gr.)rice noodles (broken)
2-3 spoons rose water
Optional - 1 tea spoon "ma zahar" (see above)

What to do?
Boil the water with the sugar while constantly stirring. When the syrup is boiling add the noodles until they soften, it will happen quite quickly. Add the rose water and leave the mixture to cool down. After it was cooled outside the fridge, put in the fridge for overnight and in the morning take it out. With a fork crush the ice. Put in a glass and add a few drops of rose water before serving!
* confession: today I went there again to get a huge cup filled with Faluda... I think I am addicted


Blogger guy said...

Hey Gitit!!

congrats on your new blog, I will tell Ilana we can take some recipes from here...

see you!

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