Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Kitchen

I haven't written in quite some time because I was busy moving into my new flat. The feeling is just great and the flat came out to be very very cozy and pretty. Typical to a food/ cooking obsessed person the first place I organized was the kitchen. Last Friday I went on shopping for my "storeroom". I went to what known as the "Spices Market" or in its local name " Levinski Market" (located on Levinski St. In Tel Aviv). There are a few stores my parents and myself normally shop in because they provide good service and even better goods. I bought rice, oatmeal, dried corn, various legumes, nuts, dried fruits, grains etc. And all these little yet essential ingredients in every kitchen such as honey, soy sauce, Teriaky sauce, Tehina paste, olive oil and the list is long. Then across the street we went to buy the spices... this was an aromatic celebration that awaken our senses and opened our appetite (however,since we were too busy shopping we didn't have time to nibble anything and got to my flat starving!!!.
It is not the first time I leave my mom's kitchen, the truth is I left my parents' house when I was 20, however it is the first time I have my own renovated, suited to my needs kitchen. In University I shared the kitchen with 6 other people, and since I moved to Tel Aviv 3 years ago I always shared a kitchen with the friend I lived with. So it is the first time I live alone (without roommates, flatmates, or a partner)I am very excited from this fact.
This was just a short update and explanation why I didn't write in such a long time (although it seems as if I am writing to myself only...with the hope one day someone will read this blog).
Upcoming posts :
1) 5 Things You MUST Eat Before You Die (will try to take part in Melissa's project from "The Traveler's Lunchbox")
2) Festive Brunch - thanking my parents Brunch
So please stay tuned... It will take some time because I have so many recipes to translate and gather the materials for the 5 Things project.


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