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Nanuchka - A Georgian Experience in Tel Aviv

Culinary and the Food insustry in Israel evolved immensely since the 1980's. It is true that during the 80's my life just started (if to be precise,exactly in 1980) but luckily I was born into a family with real passion for gourmet food and eating out. Anyhow, during the 80's there were just a few very good restaurants around. In the 90's the restaurant business really started to bloom. Since I did not really reseach the subject scientifically I can just write my own assumptions for this change. I believe that by 1990 more people traveled abroad, the IT industry started to boom, and the industry in general. Israel started to go out of the economic depression it experienced during the 1980's and so people had more money to spend on the good life, a new generation of eaters naturally evolved from these processes. Israelis are well known for their "traveling bug" and it is very aparent also in the type of food we eat and the restaurants that open around here. I believe and I hope no one will hang me for that, but Tel Aviv seems to be the culinary center of Israel. The most posh, expensive and famous restaurants are located in the city. Actually I think one can count the number of street corner that don't have a cafe', restaurant or pub on them on one hand. Living in Tel Aviv and being a lover of good food, an an amature cook myself will supply me a lot of writing materials for the blog.
This time I want to write about a very unique restaurant called NANUCHKA.
I celebrated there my last birthday and it was terrific. A friend of mine and her husband are on a visit from London... I tried to think where should I talk them and thought Nanuchka will be perfect. I did not hear about many Georgian restaurants around the world and thought they would love it. From the moment you entered Nanuchka you know you have entered into a different world. Some people might hate it, but I simply adore it. The owner Nana has thought about every little and the end resault is a real Georgian/ Balkan/ Gipsy feel to the place. The ruling design can be purly defined as eclectic, which creates a magical and mysterious atmosphere to Nanuchka. The food is also mysterious to someone who is not from a Georgian restaurants. So coming to Nanuchka is like going on a journey to a far away authentic place, yet with a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The dishes are diverse, served beautifully and are simply delicious ("to die for" :))
Among my favorite dishes are the filled dough dishes. I will try to spell the names correctly in English but if I don't please forgive me.
There is the "Chinkali"/"Hinkali" , its like dumpling, you can have meat chinkali or cheese chinkali. Both are very good but I prefered the cheese one better. The other delicacy is the "Khachapuri". I read a few Hachpuri recipes and the preparation of the dough is rather difficult, similar to the preparation of puffy pastry. Because I have never cooked Georgian food at home I can't write any recipe (I don't like to write recipes I never tried at home), but I did fid a site that has some recipes if someone would like to try at home, so here is a link to Georgian Cuisine Recipes


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I would love to try Isralian food. I'm trying to guess at the mix of styles that it must have, based on it's geographical location.

Tell us more!

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