Tuesday, October 17, 2006

EBBP #6 Parcel Received from Real Epicurean

Today when I left my house I finally saw that I got the post office notice letting me know I have a package waiting for me. I could not resist and though I was awfully late for work I decided to go fetch it! I was very impatient to see what I got. There were two packages from Scott at Real Epicurean The first thing which really excited me was to see "Royal Mail" print on the box. I am such an anglophil that anything that has to do with the UK just moves me (I know it might sound stupid but since I was 12 I am just in love with the English culture and people).
Anyhow, I was running very late so stopped a cab and could not wait for the moment I will get to work and finally open my two!!! Parcels.
So what have I got??? (I will add pictures later, don't have the camera with me)
Although Scott keeps apologizing for not having much time to put into this parcel, I still find it awesome and exciting!
I got: Hobgoblin Ale which Scott tells me is one of the finest beers in England. Normally I don't drink beer, but this I will have to try. I am not a great connoisseur of beer/ale but I definitely have to develop this skill, so this is a good starting point! Thank you Scott... Besides I collect special bottles, so I will definitely add this bottle to my collection, because it signifies my first EBBP :)
The second item was Lincoln & York Coffee It seems like a very good one, and it is perfect for me as I drink a lot of coffee and I just bought my first Stovetop espresso maker, I can't wait to try this coffee in the new coffee maker.
The third item is Pipers Crisps - It brought a smile upon my face as it is very English to eat crisps and drink beer... I also love the packaging with the cows on it, and the idea they are produced only 6 miles away from Scott's house.

The fourth item is Polish Sauerkraut - a reminder of Scott's Polish wife Malgosia. It is funny as I am 1/4 Polish myself, I think my father would be delighted to eat some Original Polish Sauerkraut, as he hardly ever get to eat Polish food since he married my mother. Cheers for that!!!
The Fifth item - which I am very eager to try is the Patteson's Chutney. This is also the fist time I will have Chutney at home, I love to eat it but never bought or prepared one at home. Many thanks to Scott and Malgosia for a LOVELY parcel of their local foods, made me very very happy, can't wait to get home and open all the jars and packages.
And of course thanks to Johanna for organizing this round of EBBP, go read the roundup its lovely!


Blogger thepassionatecook said...

sounds intriguing... if only you could share a picture! i am craving sauerkraut at the moment - maybe even some sausages with it? but i'll quite happily eat it on its own. it's supposed to be very good for your skin!

1:48 PM  
Blogger Scott at Real Epicurean said...

I am happy that you finally got this package!

Yes, you're right about the crisps and beer together, that was kind of the idea. The crisps are very local (as is the coffee), both made around 6 miles from my house.

The saurkraut had to be included - if only because my wife would have insisted - and the chutney is also local, made 15 miles from my house.

12:45 AM  
Blogger Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Hey, Gitit - you promised us photos? I'm feeling rather left out...sniff...

3:20 AM  

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