Sunday, October 15, 2006

PASTIS another culinary stroke of genius

I think I never been to two very good meals in two very good restaurants in such proximity as last Sunday and last Monday.
Last Sunday evening I went to Nanuchka (which I wrote about in my last post) and last Monday I went to PASTIS
I had to organize a farewell event for my boss and the idea was to have an Art Gallery Tour and to end it in one of Rothschild's blv. Restaurants. The boulevard on its on is beautiful, it is one of the nicest streets in Tel Aviv where there are many "BAUHAUS" houses. (In 2003 Tel Aviv was announced to be a world heritage center for the Bauhaus architecture movement). You might read more about it in UNESCO's site, as well as on the "White City" home page, I find it very interesting. Due to this award many of the houses have been renovated in Tel Aviv and with the renovation many new places were open. Rothschild street as I mentioned already is full of good restaurants and Cafe's. I had so many options to choose from but decided to go for PASTIS. I heard and read many good critics on this place, especially about their sea food dishes that I had to try.
Since we were 12 I had to arrange with the place a special table. The restaurant manager was extremely nice and gave me a real good offer for lunch. We could not eat "a la cart" because it would be difficult for the kitchen. Instead he gave me the loveliest menu which consisted of 4 types of starters (in the middle of the table) a choice of 8 main courses (each of us could choose whatever he/she preferred) and 3 types of deserts also in the middle of the table.
Everything was extremely delicious!!!
I particularly loved their Pate dish served with fig vinaigrette. For my main course I chose their bass filet which had an extremely delicious rich cream sauce. The deserts were all memorable (you know me I have a sweet tooth...) We got 3 GORGEOUS deserts: Tiramisu (I never ate such a good tiramisu in my entire life), Pavlova and Chocolate Bomb (chocolate ball filled with cream brulee). All of us agreed that the meal was excellent, and we didn't even try their specialite (sea food)... So add PASTIS to your list of restaurants you must visit when you come to Israel!
Pastis: 73 Rothschild st. Tel Aviv 972-3-5250773


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they also have a great bisque

2:29 PM  
Blogger Star-Apple said...

I heard about their bisque but this time I could not try it. Since I enjoyed so much I will definately go there again and try their bisque.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Scott at Real Epicurean said...

How is the fig vinagrette? Is it actually made from figs - and how did it taste? Sounds very interesting.

3:38 AM  

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